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 Our services will help you to prepare and deliver your birth or marriage
  certificate application forms to the proper Government Agency in Canada.
   We will also follow through the process until the obtention of your certificate.
  Save time and efforts.



Proper finding of your certificate by

 the Government depends: 1) On  
 the accuracy of the information  
 you provide; 2) The completeness  

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 of the information you provide.  
 By using our services you hereby  
 accept that we are mainly an  
 application preparation service and  
 that you have to properly sign the  

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 required official form in order for us  
 to be able to send it to the Vital
 Statistics Office that will issue the
certificate. We ARE NOT the

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Warning: If you provide incorrect information in your Ontario certificate order, the process could delay ariound 2 more weeks.

We are not a Government Agency. We provide our valuable application preparation and submission services for an extra fee. If you do not want to pay our fee, you may order your certificate directly at the appropriate Provincial Government Office.

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